Cross-platform firewall

About GARSHASP Firewall


Gershasp is a firewall that can be installed and run on a variety of platforms, such as Mobile (Android-IOS), PC (Windows-Linux-Mac), and a server. Gershasp is developed by the security lab of Overclock and is managed by Behzad Ghasemi. The core of this program is designed and built in a monolithic way to be able to handle all system resources well and without slowness. Gershasp checks all packets that are sent and received on the network and prevents data theft. The Garshasp firewall will be provided in the home-user, enterprise, and personal versions of the application, and home and personal firewalls can be used free of charge.


The main challenge in the Garshasp Firewall project is initially to create a secure and anti-infiltration environment on various platforms that users of this program can by preventing it from stealing its data and infiltrate crackers to their devices. Gershasp's next priority is to allow non-commercial users to use Garshasp firewall for free.

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Date of Project :

Started since 2015

Status :

Developing / Being tested / Coming Soon