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About Mr.Hacker


Mr Hacker is the name of a website that deals with hacking and security. Mr.Hacker was launched on the first day of the solar year(1396). This project is active in open source software and works in Iran as a security reference. The use of the contents of this website is completely free of charge and does not include copyrights. Mr Hacker is a standard within the organization of the Overclock Company and its content is monitored by the company. Mr Hacker is not just a website, every month publishes an electronic magazine called Mr Hacker. This monthly magazine is also free and deals with hacking and security issues. All Mr.Hacker brand privileges belong to the Overclock Company in Iran


The main challenge at MrHacker is to understand the true meaning of the word hack to the Persian community and to show the true face of the computer hackers. Due to the mistakes made in introducing hackers and the people who do not know the difference between hackers and crackers, the hacker has the mission to clearly and rigorously disclose the exact information provided by the hackers in Persian to their audience.

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Date of Project :

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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Completed / Available to you / Developing